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When you are pleased with the price, please feel free to send us your design file. If you do not have one, do not worry - simply let us know and we can create one for your printing and packaging project.



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After we complete the design, we will present you with a 3D view of your product packaging or printed materials for your review. Don't fret, you are able to make unlimited revisions without any restrictions.



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Once you have completed reviewing the mockup and are satisfied with its appearance, you simply need to make payment for your product using our secure and reliable payment methods.

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Reliable manufacturer and provider of personalized packaging materials.

Our expert team specializes in crafting top-quality custom packaging. We have gained a reputation for providing exceptional packaging solutions across the USA. Our ultimate aim is to ensure our customers have the finest and most distinctive packaging available.

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Why Choose PackagingCreator?

See why small businesses and individuals choose us for their custom packaging and printing needs.

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Affordable Pricing

We have really affordable rates for our products. It's perfect for small businesses that may have a tight budget.

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Wide Range of Services

We've got you covered with many services like packaging design, printing, and manufacturing. Use them for your business or even your personal projects.

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Customization Options

We totally get how important it is to have your own brand for your business! That's why we have many different customizable options to fit your specific needs.

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High-Quality Products

Our prices are affordable, but we never skimp on quality. We make sure our customers get the best packaging and printing solutions around.

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Fast Turnaround Time

We understand that your time is valuable, so we ensure that we provide prompt service.

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Sustainable Options

Nowadays, many small businesses are actively seeking to become more environmentally friendly. For them, we offer a variety of excellent eco-friendly packaging options.

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What Our Clients Say - Testimonials

Check out what our clients are saying about us. You should read their reviews!


Darrin Crisitello

Baltimore, MD

I was so happy when I got my custom boxes for my product launch event. They turned out exactly how I wanted, thanks to PackagingCreator's amazing services.


Sharon Vosmek

Irvine, CA

I am seriously blown away by the customer care team over at PackagingCreator. They have been so incredibly helpful, even during the design process. I'll definitely be sticking with you guys because you truly are the masters of packaging.

Frequently Asked Question

Check out the FAQs for our products and services.

  • Where are you located?

    We are actually in Memphis, Tennessee.

  • Do you have your own factory for box production?

    We have our own factory where we design, print, and produce all of our products in-house. Everything is done right here, under our own roof. We have a dedicated team of designers who work tirelessly to come up with unique and eye-catching designs. And then, we have our printing team who make sure those designs come to life and look perfect on our products. We also have a production team who handles the manufacturing process, making sure that each and every product meets our high-quality standards. Having our own factory gives us the flexibility to constantly innovate and improve our products, without having to rely on any third-party manufacturers. We can ensure that our products are produced ethically and sustainably, as we have control over every step of the production process. So when you buy from us, you can rest assured that you're getting a product that has been carefully designed, printed, and produced by our talented team right here in our own factory.

  • What kind of products do you offer?

    We offer a wide range of custom products to suit all your needs. Let's start with our boxes - we have various sizes and materials to choose from, perfectly tailored to fit your products. Next, we have sleeves that can go over your boxes for added protection or a sleek look. And for those items that need a little extra support, we also have inserts and dividers to keep them in place during transit. But it doesn't stop there! We also offer custom bags - great for branding or carrying products on the go. And for your marketing needs, we have a variety of marketing materials, from flyers to brochures, to help you promote your brand. So, whether you need packaging or marketing solutions, we've got you covered.

  • Are your materials environmentally friendly?

    We want to do our part in reducing pollution and preserving the environment. That's why, in every step of our production process, we use recycled materials. It's just our small contribution to making this planet a better place for future generations. We believe that even the smallest actions can make a big impact. So, by using recycled materials, we're not only creating our products, but we're also helping to reduce waste and preserve our resources.

  • What's your turnaround time?

    We typically require 8-10 business days as our standard timeframe. However, for those in need of expedited service, we do offer rush options. If you require a speedy turnaround, please let us know and we will ensure prompt completion.

  • Can I place an order for just one unit?

    Yes, you can even order a single piece.

  • Do you provide any design services?

    When you come to us for any printing or packaging needs, we've got you covered from start to finish. See, we've got our very own design team in-house. They are experts in creating die lines, templates, and artwork for all your projects. They know exactly what it takes to make your ideas come to life on paper.

  • What's your minimum order quantity?

    Essentially, we don't have a specific number or amount that we require you to purchase from us, but it could be different depending on what specific product you're interested in.

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes, we offer worldwide delivery for all orders. No matter where you are, we can get your order directly to your doorstep. Whether you're in a different state or even a different country, you can still enjoy our products without any hassle.

  • Do you offer samples?

    We really value our customers and we want to make sure you feel completely confident in your purchases. That's why we offer free sample delivery on every order. Of course, like with any policy, there are a few terms and conditions that apply.

  • Are there any discounts available?

    We offer some really nice discounts to our customers who purchase a large quantity of our products. If you're interested in finding out more about this offer, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'll be happy to share all the details with you.

  • Is it possible to set up a meeting at your office to discuss my project?

    Our office is strictly for official work only. That means we can't have any meetings there.

  • Can my order be delivered to multiple locations?

    When you place your order with us, we give you the option to tell us where you want it delivered. You can choose to have it delivered to just one address or multiple addresses - whatever works best for you! Don't worry, no matter how many addresses you give us, we'll make sure your order gets to each and every one of them.